Why don’t you offer printing?

I want to give you the option of going to your favourite printer or find one that can work within your budget. The hi-resolution files that will be emailed to you will be ready to print either by a commercial printer, on your home printer, or even at a 1-hour photo lab – giving you flexibility and options to look for the printer that works for you and your party.

What will my custom invitation look like?

Based on the template/theme/scene you choose from the product gallery, the quality of the photo you send, and the pose that your child/children are in, your invitation will be unique to you.

Here are examples of invitations all using the same “theme” but with variations due to the photograph provided.

These samples are only for website preview purposes. The digital files that will be emailed to you will be either Email quality or Print quality depending on the package that you purchase.

What kind of photos should I send?

The photos used for the sample images above were downloaded from Pixabay.com at 1280 x 875 pixels. This is the MINIMUM photo quality required for the best custom invitation results.

For best results, make sure that the images that you send me are at least the same dimensions as the sample photos.  But the bigger the better to ensure that the image remains crisp and unpixelated when printed. And even if you purchase the Basic E-Invitation package, it’s better to have a clear image than a dark, blurry one.

Photos do not have to be professionally taken. Many photos taken on newer smart phones with high megapixel counts will do. Just make sure the child’s face or whole body takes up most of the frame and that the image is sharp.

Photos taken in well-lit areas or outdoors will also work best.

When you fill up an Order Form and upload your photos, I will let you know if the options you sent are usable for the custom invitation.

Do you allow rush orders?

I do not accept rush design orders at this time. Please ensure that you have ample time between placing your order and the date of the party so that we have enough time to work on edits and other customization options together, and you can also work with waiting times of your printer. Depending on the work I have in my queue, your design may take anywhere from one day to up to two weeks to complete.

You may email me first to get an idea of my work queue if needed before placing your order.